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Having a Dental Emergency?

Do not self-medicate, we know that you can feel great pain and that can lead you to make hasty decisions that are not in your best interest. Therefore, avoid taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen for any Dental Emergency because they are anticoagulants and can increase bleeding, our Weston Dentist recommendation is that you take acetaminophen to reduce pain, also, read the instructions and make sure you take the recommended dose.
If the pain is so severe that it can not be tolerated please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

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Intense pain

The most common reasons why severe pain may occur are: a lost filling, a falling or defective crown, a broken or injured tooth, an infection in the gums, all these symptoms can be reviewed by our Emergency Dentists at the time of your arrival at our Weston Dental Clinic.
While you are at home a quick way to relieve pain is applying ice to the affected area for about 20 minutes. In Addition, if this does not help, you can take acetaminophen as indicated in the envelope.

For a Knocked-Out Tooth

Keep it moist at all times. In addition, try replacing the tooth in the cavity without touching the root. If that is not possible, place it between the cheek and gums, in the milk, or use a product to preserve the teeth that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Do not scrub it or remove any attached tissue fragments. Try to put the tooth back in place. In addition, make sure it’s facing the right way. Moreover, never force it into the socket. After that, if you can not reinsert the tooth in the socket, then put the tooth in a small container of milk (or cup of water that contains a pinch of table salt. Most importantly, go to our Dental Office in Weston right away.

Knocked out teeth with the highest chances of being saved are those seen by the dentist and returned to their socket within 1 hour of being knocked out.

Chipped or broken teeth

Immediately rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the area. If there’s bleeding, apply a piece of gauze to the area for about 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops. In addition, apply a cold compress to the outside of the mouth, cheek, or lip near the broken/chipped tooth to keep any swelling down and relieve pain. Visit our Office in Weston fl as soon as possible.

Lost Dental Crown

If your Dental Crown falls off, make an appointment for a consultation with our Emergency Weston Dentists as soon as possible and bring the crown with you. Can not get to the dentist right away and the tooth is causing pain, do not worry, use a cotton swab to apply a little clove oil to the sensitive area. After that, slip the crown back over the tooth, before doing so, coat the inner surface with an over the counter dental cement, toothpaste, or denture adhesive, to help hold the crown in place. Do not use super glue!

Objects stuck in the mouth

Try to gently remove with floss, if you can’t get the object out, visit our Weston Dental Office a soon as possible. Moreover, never use a pin or other sharp object to poke at the stuck object. These instruments can cut your gums or scratch your tooth surface.

Tooth Abscess

Abscesses are infections that occur around the root of a tooth or in the space between the teeth and gums. Therefore, abscesses are a serious condition that can damage tissue and surrounding teeth, with the infection possibly spreading to other parts of the body if left untreated.

Because of the serious oral health and general health problems that can result from an abscess, see our Emergency Dentist in Weston as soon as possible if you discover a pimple-like swelling on your gum that usually is painful. In the meantime, to ease the pain and draw the pus toward the surface, try rinsing your mouth with a mild salt water solution (1/2 teaspoon of table salt in 8 ounces of water) several times a day.

Bleeding From Your Mouth

If you’re seeing blood on the floss, then you have gum disease or gingivitis, Call Us to get started with your gum disease treatment . But if you’re seeing blood in your saliva, that’s a different story it could be due to an advanced stage of cancer or a very advanced stage of gum disease. Bleeding from the mouth is not normal and indicates that you may have a chronic disease that will lead to the loss of your teeth, you should visit our Weston Dental Office a soon as possible.

For intense bleeding keep your head elevated. Just like you keep your hand elevated if it’s injured, you want to do the same with your mouth. In addition, keep your mouth above your heart at all times especially during sleep.

Pain when you bite

It could mean that you have a cracked tooth. If you catch this early, the sooner you crown it, the less likelihood there will be a root canal or loss of the tooth because you’re stopping the cracking from progressing by stabilizing it with a crown. Similarly, it could also mean it’s not tooth pain, but muscle pain when you bite, caused by nighttime grinding or daytime grinding.

In conclusion, don’t chew on that tooth because the next chew or bite could result in loss of the tooth with a crack that goes all the way through the tooth.

FAQs for Dental Emergencies

What is considered a dental emergency?


A dental emergency can range from severe tooth pain, a broken or knocked-out tooth, to a lost filling or crown. If you're in pain, have bleeding that won't stop, or have suffered trauma to your mouth, it's important to seek immediate care. Family Cosmetic Dentistry in Weston, FL, is equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies promptly.

Can I visit Family Cosmetic Dentistry for an emergency without a prior appointment?


Yes, we understand that emergencies happen unexpectedly. We strive to accommodate emergency patients with or without appointments as quickly as possible. However, calling us at (insert contact number) beforehand allows us to prepare for your arrival and treat you more efficiently.

How quickly can I be seen in case of a dental emergency?


Our goal at Family Cosmetic Dentistry in Weston, FL, is to see emergency patients as soon as possible, typically on the same day. Our team prioritizes urgent cases to ensure quick relief and treatment.

What should I do if I knock out a tooth?


If you knock out a tooth, it's crucial to act quickly. Pick up the tooth by the crown (the part that's usually exposed in the mouth) and avoid touching the root. If it's dirty, gently rinse it without scrubbing. If possible, try to place the tooth back in the socket, or keep it moist by placing it in milk or your mouth next to your cheek. Then, contact us immediately for further instructions and to arrange an emergency visit.

Are emergency dental services covered by insurance?


Most dental insurances cover a portion of emergency services, but coverage can vary. We recommend contacting your insurance provider for specific details. Our office also provides various payment options and plans to ensure you receive the necessary treatment without delay.

How can I prevent dental emergencies?


While not all dental emergencies can be prevented, regular check-ups, maintaining good oral hygiene, wearing protective gear during sports, and avoiding hard foods that can crack teeth can significantly reduce the risk. Our team at Family Cosmetic Dentistry can provide personalized advice on how to protect your oral health.

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