Dental Checkups and X-rays

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Dental Checkups

Similarly to daily brushing and flossing, you could help protect your oral health by seeing your dentist frequently for checkups. It’s recommended for the majority of people a dental checkup every six months, however as a Preventive Dental Care our Dentist Team at Family Cosmetic Dentistry may additionally recommend more frequent or fewer visits, depending on your dental health.

Digital X-rays

In order to see the big picture, dentists require a dental radiography. These dental x-rays allow the dentist to get an in-depth look below the teeth and gums. For the convenience of our patients, Family Cosmetic Dentistry performs on-site dental x-rays. With a proper dental radiography, our team of dental professionals is able to give patients informed evaluations.

Checkups and X-rays FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Im not having any symptoms. Do I still need to see a dentist?

Yes, you should still attend your dental checkup if you aren’t having any dental symptoms. The dental checkup is a preventative measure. Like mentioned before, it helps you avoid major dental issues that can result in extreme pain and even tooth loss.

Why is visiting the dentist so important?

Visiting the dentist regularly will not only help keep your teeth and mouth healthy, but will also help keep the rest of your body healthy. Dental care is important because it:

  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Protects against periodontal (gum) disease, which can lead to tooth and bone loss
  • Prevents bad breath – brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist regularly will help reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath
  • Gives you a more attractive smile and increases your self-confidence
  • Helps keep teeth looking bright by preventing them from becoming stained by food, drinks, and tobacco
  • Strengthens your teeth so that you can enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles for the rest of your life!

What can I expect during a dental checkup?

You can expect a thorough dental cleaning (which should include removing the plaque and tartar from your teeth and flossing the crevices of your smile), a fluoride treatment, and an examination of your oral cavity (which might include taking X-Rays).

What is a Panoramic X-ray?

A panoramic x-ray provides the dentist with an image of all the patient’s teeth, the jawbone, and the sinuses. It provides an overall picture that allows the dentist to choose certain areas to focus in on. It’s easy to use and many patients prefer this to traditional full mouth x-rays because there are no uncomfortable sensors involved! There is also less radiation exposure than a full mouth x-ray because it takes the image of the full mouth in one shot. While it allows the dentist to see an overall picture, it isn’t clear enough to be able to detect finer problems such as cavities.

Are X-rays safe?

Many people are most concerned with the radiation exposure from taking x-rays. However, x-rays have a low level of radiation and are considered safe. Additionally, precautionary measures are taken to minimize exposure. Before any x-rays are taken, a lead apron with a thyroid collar is placed on the patient. All metal jewelry or glasses are also removed. Our x-rays are digital, which have 50-80% less exposure than conventional x-rays units. Overall, the amount of radiation from a 4×2 series is less than the amount of radiation an average person receives in a regular day from natural sources! So realistically, the costs of taking x-rays are greatly outweighed by the benefits that x-rays provide, such as the early detection and prevention of a severe dental disease.

How can I maintain a healthy smile after my checkup?

You can maintain a healthy smile by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing and rinsing your smile at least once a day. As you brush, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. As you floss, use a product that is easy to use. As you rinse, use a product that kills bacteria, freshens your breath, and cleans your smile.

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