Meet Dr Brigette Ramos

Brigette Ramos

owner, dentist dds

Dr. Brigette Ramos is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Central Venezuela in 1989. Also, Dr. Ramos completes over 40 hours of continuing education every year also she likes to spend time with her family and is involved with several community organizations.

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Our Mission & Vision

Family Dentist in Weston FL

All of the services provided for you by Family Cosmetic Dentistry are conducted with your lifelong wellness in mind. Technologies, imaging and materials used in your oral healthcare are the safest and least invasive for your body. You are also provided with the utmost of dignity and respect by the entire dental team and staff of administrative professionals.

When needs for your whole health wellness cannot be performed by our Family dental team, we partner with top professionals of the area in a collaborative approach to your greatest and most confident smile.

Cosmetic Dental Care in Weston FL

While you want to be physically healthy and disease free throughout your life, you also want strong teeth that look great when you smile. At Family Cosmetic Dentistry, our dental professionals provide the highest quality of both, according to their specializations. Today’s cosmetic dentistry can keep your smile looking youthful and pearly white for the rest of your lifetime or can correct past issues that have kept you from smiling with full confidence.
Amazing results for misaligned teeth, chipped teeth, missing teeth or gum issues are provided by our cosmetic and implant dentist team.