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Family Cosmetic Dentistry is my favorite place to take care of my teeth, amazing service and staff. Also, they are all very helpful and answer all of my questions all the time. Very friendly environment and they never keep me waiting before my appointment.

Family-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Testimonials-Avatar-Sonia-Vivanka-Dentist-in-Weston-Dental-ClinicSonia Vivanka, Google Maps

I have to admit that I had lost my faith in dental offices. I have been in so many and always came out disappointed until I found Family Cosmetic Dentistry in Weston. Every single person in that office goes beyond any expectations. They are very professional and offer a 5 stars service. In other words, I am more than grateful because thanks to them I can smile again.

Family-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Testimonials-Avatar-Jia-Yu-Dentist-in-Weston-Dental-ClinicJia Yu, Google Maps

It’s near impossible to find a dental office you can trust, that actually cares about your health, that has an amazing staff that makes you feel welcome, all while being incredibly competent. However, Family Cosmetic Dentistry is definitely the best Dental Office in Weston.

Family-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Testimonials-Avatar-Silvia-Ripa-Dentist-in-Weston-Dental-ClinicSilvia Ripa, Google Maps

My experience was great. I had a crown and a veneer done and it was perfect. They look like my real teeth. Dr Ramos is great she is very knowledgeable. In addition, her assistant Fernando is AMAZING! he is super attentive and serviceable.

Family-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Testimonials-Avatar-Tommy-reagal-Dentist-in-Weston-Dental-ClinicTommy Reagal, Google Maps

Just went there this morning to do a checkup. The whole staff was super friendly and polite, every person I dealt with was kind and professional. They gave me a diagnosis and I’ll be back to get my treatment done. Highly recommended.

Family-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Testimonials-Avatar-Amina-Safya-Dentist-in-Weston-Dental-ClinicAmina Safya, Google Maps

We always say five stars are not enough; my whole family and even some of our coworkers have been visiting Family Cosmetic Dentistry and their outstanding staff for over a couple of years now and we couldn’t be any more satisfied. Above all, they’re punctual, reliable, flexible, proactive, and always willing to go that extra mile for the patient. 100% recommended!

Family-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Dental-Reviews-Patient-Testimonials-Isel-Medina-Dentist-in-Weston-Dental-ClinicIsel Medina, Google Maps

From start to finish, the staff in this office was amazing! The receptionist, dental hygienist, and doc were all super warm and friendly. They took their time, explained everything they were doing throughout the whole process of x rays, and exam. I would recommend this office to absolutely anyone, and I will definitely be going back for a very long time.

Family-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Dental-Reviews-Patient-Testimonials-Stephen-Rollo-Dentist-in-Weston-Dental-ClinicStephen Rollo, Google Maps

The Family Cosmetic Dentistry staff has always been very pleasant and welcoming! My overall experience since going to them has been excellent. Dr. Brigette Ramos has always been accommodating and strives to make sure her patients are content before leaving the office.

Family-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Dental-Reviews-Patient-Testimonials-Marcos-Parra-Dentist-in-Weston-Dental-ClinicMarcos Parra , Google Maps

Dr. Ramos is very personable and extremely proficient. In addition she works quickly to minimize the time spent in the dentist’s chair. After several visits for different dental issues I have great trust in her professional abilities as well as his kindness. The staff is excellent as well.

Family-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Dental-Reviews-Patient-Testimonials-Ferlan-Romero-Dentist-in-WestonFerlan Romero, Google Maps

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Understanding what we do at Family Cosmetic Dentistry

In your first visit at Family Cosmetic Dentistry, we will take a complete health records. On follow-up visits, if your health status has changed, ensure to tell us. here’s what you can assume during most trips to our office

Complete Cleaning
Checkups almost always consist of a entire dental cleaning. Our Dental Hygienist will scrape along and underneath the gum line, casting off  plaques which could cause gum disease, cavities, bad breath and other issues. Then we will polish and floss your teeth throughout the visit and educate you on oral care techniques and products to apply at home for advanced oral health… Find More

Full Dental Examination
we will carry out an intensive exam of your teeth, gums and mouth, searching out signs and symptoms of disease or different issues. The purpose is to help preserve your proper oral health and to prevent troubles from becoming serious by figuring out and treating them as quickly as possible…. Find More

Depending on your age, oral disease and symptoms, if you have any issues, such as damage to jawbones, impacted tooth, abscesses and decay between the teeth our Dentist Team of Family Cosmetic Dentistry may suggest X-rays. In case you are pregnant, tell your dentist, as X-rays must best be taken in emergency situations…. Find More



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