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Dental Bonding Service

Dental bonding can be a great way to repair a damaged tooth, whether it’s due to decay or just aging. Dental bonding is also an affordable option for people who want to fix their teeth without going under the knife.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that uses composite resin to cover the tooth. It’s a quick and easy procedure, and can be done in one visit. Dental bonding provides an alternative to crowns and veneers for restoring damaged teeth with minor cosmetic imperfections.


Which types of teeth are best suited for dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a great option for teeth with minor defects, such as chips and fractures. It’s also useful for those looking to whiten their smile or close gaps between their teeth.

If you have discolored, misaligned or decayed teeth that could benefit from dental bonding service in Weston FL, contact us today!

When you should visit the dentist for tooth bonding.

If you have a tooth that is chipped, broken, or cracked and you wish to return it to its original shape and size without having to undergo expensive dental work, then tooth bonding may be a suitable option for you.

If your teeth have had root canal treatment (the removal of decayed tissue from inside the tooth) then this procedure can also be completed using dental bonding as well.

If one or more of your front teeth has been crowned due to decay or injury then this could also be restored using tooth bonding instead of having an entire new crown constructed from porcelain by an expert dentist such as Dr. Ramos who specializes in cosmetic dentistry services like veneers and crowns at her clinic near me in Weston FL!

What can I expect during the dental bonding procedure?

You can expect a relatively painless procedure that takes less than an hour to complete. The dentist will numb the tooth surface with a local anesthetic and then apply dental bonding material to the tooth. Once this has hardened, he or she will file down any excess material until he achieves the desired shape and contour of your smile.

It’s also important that you understand how dental bonding works: when light hits a shiny surface such as gold or porcelain, it bounces off in all directions; but when light hits matte surfaces like enamel (or even plastic), most of it gets absorbed by these materials instead of bouncing back out again — which means they are less reflective than shiny ones!

What if I have a tooth that is severely damaged and needs to be replaced?

If you have a tooth that is severely damaged and needs to be replaced, dental bonding can be used to repair it. The dentist will make an impression of your damaged tooth and create a mold. Once this has been done, they’ll use the mold to create a new tooth for you.

Is tooth bonding permanent?

Yes and no. Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure, not a replacement for a missing tooth. It can be used to cover up small chips or cracks in your teeth and many dentists recommend it as an alternative to more expensive dental work such as crowns. But dental bonding doesn’t last forever–it can eventually wear down through everyday activities like chewing food, brushing your teeth and flossing (which makes sense).

If you’re looking for something more permanent than dental bonding but less expensive than replacing your entire set of chipped or cracked teeth with crowns or veneers, consider getting custom-made implants instead!

Dental Bonding can save you the cost and time of having an entire tooth replaced.

Dental bonding is a quick and easy procedure. If you have a damaged tooth and want to avoid having to replace the entire tooth, dental bonding may be right for you. It can save you from having to undergo an invasive procedure such as root canal treatment or tooth extraction, and it can restore your teeth in just one visit!

Dental bonding can also be used as a cosmetic enhancement technique if you’re unhappy with the shape or size of your smile. In addition, if there are cracks or chips on any of your teeth that aren’t large enough to require crowns (caps), then dental bonding might be able to help them look better than ever before!

Dental bonding is a great option for many people who need tooth restoration. It can save you the cost and time of having an entire tooth replaced, as well as help protect against future damage from cavities or tooth decay. If you’re interested in learning more about dental bonding or scheduling an appointment with one of our dentists at Family Cosmetic Dentistry

Bonding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic technique wherein a type of dental material in this case, composite resin is shaped and molded on your teeth to give the appearance of straighter, whiter smile. It can be used as a cosmetic solution to chipped teeth, gapped teeth and staining in both teeth and fillings.

How much is teeth bonding without insurance?

The cost for bonding can range from about $300 to $600 per tooth for a simpler procedure, like a cavity filling. Although many dental insurance plans do not cover cosmetic bonding, it’s good practice to ask whether they will cover a portion – especially if it’s part of a medically necessary procedure, which some insurers acknowledge.

How long should a bonded tooth last?

Composite bonding won’t last as long as veneers, but you should be able to wear them for up to 10 years successfully. Nonetheless, this means taking proper care of your teeth by avoiding hard candy, ice cubes and similar substances that can crack the composite material.

Is bonding covered by dental insurance?

Insurance might cover 50-80% of this procedure, though some plans might take off a larger percentage. Sometimes it is less expensive if a composite filling is used to replace a broken amalgam one. Unless, it is also necessary to maintain tooth structure, bonding for cosmetic reasons is often not covered by insurance.

What can you expect during your visit?

Composite bonding is a safe and effective technique that was developed more than 50 years ago, and has been widely available for over three decades. The treatment itself often starts with the removal of some surface enamel, allowing our Dentists in Weston, FL to best shape the composite resin to your tooth, followed by the application of the bonding agent. After that, we add the composite resin, cure it with a special light and finish by polishing your teeth.

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