Breast Cancer And The Root Canal: What Your Dentist May Not Know About The Root Canal

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Recently, Dr Thomas Rau, director of the Paracelsus Klnik in Lustmuhle Switzerland, looked into the records of 150 of his breast cancer patients. What he found was that 147 (98%) of these patients had one or more root canals in the same meridian as the original cancer tumor.. Dr Rau had been led into this investigation as a result of reading the book, “Root Canal Coverup,” by Dr George Meinig, published in 1994. poat family dentistry

The American Dental Association has known for decades that root canals are a major cause of immune system suppression. In spite of this, there are about 24 million root canals done in the U.S. every year. As early as 1925, Dr Weston Price and 60 prominent researchers proved conclusively that root canals were deadly disease agents, and ever since then, the ADA and the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), have been actively suppressing this information

The ugly and hard to accept truth, borne out by years of painstaking research and thousands of animal studies, is that root canal filled teeth always remain infected, no matter how carefully the procedures are done, no matter how good the teeth might look or how good they feel. Dentin, which makes up 95% of tooth structure, consists of very tiny tubules. These tubules, when undamaged, contain a nutrient dense fluid that keeps the teeth alive and healthy. These nutrients are supplied daily to each tubule by the artery that accompanies the nerve and vein in the root canal..

When tooth decay spreads and attacks a tooth, the dentist can save it with a filling. However, if the decay spreads into the root canal of the tooth itself, then the nerve and blood vessels become infected from the bacteria which is part of the decay process. The bacteria easily travel the entire root canal, discover these tubules and their nutrient supply, and set up housekeeping. A root canal treated tooth, no matter how carefully done, harbors billions of bacteria in its tubules which often adapt to their oxygen deficient environment by becoming anaerobic, a precursor to cancer.

Most dentists are unfamiliar with the presence of bacteria in the dentin tubules and are ignorant of the fact that these bacteria easily escape and spread throughout the body, causing countless degenerative diseases. It takes a very very vigorous immune system to stave off their assault.

Some dentists may argue that bacteria die off due to medication added during the root canal procedure and the root canal filling itself blocks off their source of nutrients, but as we mentioned before, bacteria are very capable of mutating and they do so readily when necessary. Dr Price himself found no disinfectant capable of penetrating the tubules.

Dr Price did find however, that the challenge of a changed environment actually caused the organisms to become more virile and the toxins much more toxic. Later, these findings were confirmed by Dr Josef Issel, a German oncologist. Dr Issel identified these toxins as being closely related to the World War I mustard gas.

Twenty five to thirty percent of people with root canals seem to get along very well with them for years. In looking into this factor, Dr Price learned that people with no history of degenerative diseases usually if not always, had super strong immune systems which were capable of engulfing any bacteria present. However, in pursuing the matter further, Dr Price discovered that when these same people suffered a severe stressful event or illness, they rapidly became ill with a degenerative disease; cancer being one of them.

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